Panther Days and Orientation

Our new student orientation program is designed to introduce you to all the 学术 and student services that will support you and help you maximize your potential while you’re a student at Plymouth State.

Beginning after move-in, 黑豹日是你认识同学建立社区的机会, 教师, 和工作人员, 学习 more about PSU policies and resources, and adjust to living on campus before classes start! You will be assigned to an Orientation Group. 你的迎新领导,一个曾站在你的立场上的PSU高年级学生,领导每个小组. Together you will move through the Panther Days experience together!

The Orientation Map

Summer 2022 Orientation Dates

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会话: Sunday, June 12–Monday, June 13
会话B: Wednesday, June 15–Thursday, June 16
会话C: Saturday, June 18–Sunday, June 19
会话D: Tuesday, June 21–Wednesday, June 22

Panther Days 2022

Friday, August 26 – Sunday, August 28

Kyle Hastbacka (He/Him)

Associate Director of the New Student Experience

Zack Eastman (He/Him)

Graduate Assistant

Kaci Cochran (He/Him)

Student Coordinator

Colin Mengold (He/Him)

Student Coordinator

For more information contact PSU-Orientation@普利茅斯.edu.

资源Frequently Asked Questions校园术语
通过办公室 & 三人组

The primary goal of Plymouth Academic Support Services (PASS) is to collaborate with undergraduate students in becoming efficient, independent 学习ers. Our program components of 三人组 Student Support Services and Tutoring are designed to engage students in developing effective 学习ing strategies and skills to enable them to enjoy 学术 success. 点击这里 for more information.


拉姆森图书馆位于校园的南侧,在博伊德科学中心和Pemigewasset大厅旁边. 拉姆库 is a great getaway to get group projects accomplished or even just finding a quiet place to get work done. Services that are available through the library include the Resource Desk which aids with papers and projects, the IT Help Desk which assists with technological issues, the 写作中心 is located within the bottom floor of the library, you can rent out resources from laptops, 充电器, books and even sewing machines. This is also a great spot to print out and copy materials. Commons Café位于你走进图书馆的时候,你可以在那里拿点点心或零食.


The 写作中心 is located on the Lower Level of 拉姆库. 所提供的服务可以1:1或小组形式提供文件, 演讲, 简历, 等.


研究了 is located within Speare in room 118. This a great department if you are interested or looking into studying abroad for a semester because they can assist with expenses, offers grants and scholarships to be able to participate in the programs and it’s a great way to explore new cultures while continuing your degree.


无论你在ROR体育的哪一年,职业服务中心都是一个很好的资源. Located in Speare 108, the department aids with resume building and reviewing, assisting in the search for internships or on/off campus employment, networking or finding work after graduating. Programming is also hosting to aid in these areas as well. It’s also a great way to be able to be engaged on campus.

Counseling Center

Counseling Center which is located across from Hyde Hall provides not only individual services for students, but also provides group services as well. 也有咨询师在特定领域提供帮助,包括焦虑, 压力, 和酒精.

Campus Accessibility Services

Campus Accessibility Services (CAS), located in the Speare Admin Building, 为残疾/诊断的学生提供学术住宿. If a student previously had a 504 plan, 一个等电位点, 或者通过医疗诊断,他们有资格通过ROR体育官网的办公室获得学术住宿. 学生将与CAS工作人员会面,进行建立住宿的互动过程. CAS staff will also assist with specific housing accommodations if they are necessary due to the students’ diagnosis. 如欲获得最准确及最新的资讯,请浏览ROR体育官网的网站: http://campus.普利茅斯.edu/accessibility-services/

Plymouth State University is committed to achieving equal educational opportunity and full participation for students with disabilities. 这种机会的保证取决于联邦法律所建立的法律基础, specifically the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 including Section 504, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008. 由联邦法律, 残疾人是指身体或精神上有缺陷的人, has a record of such an impairment, 或者被认为有这样的损害,实质上限制了一个或多个主要的生活活动. We are committed to helping students to maximize their potential while helping them to develop and maintain independence through self-determination and self-advocacy.

Health Services

Health Services is located at 12 Merrill St. or within the Mary Taylor House. Services that are provided are immunizations, STI测试, reproductive healthcare, 流感疫苗, 体检, sports clearances, illness and injury treatment, as well as continuous care for chronic conditions. 在某些情况下,卫生服务部门还与咨询中心密切合作.

Student Support Foundation

Located within the Hartman Union Building in the Office of Community Impact is a service for all students. Their main mission is to keep students in school during short term emergencies and provide long term student support. They also have food pantries as well as a Community Cupboard which allows students access to food and/or supplies in a time of need. SSF还向学生提供技术、教材和紧急经济援助.

Pre-arrival Programs


请 look at the information under the 资源 tab.


You can contact Scott Coykendall, srcoykendall@普利茅斯.edu, 关于这个项目的更多信息或者在你来这里的时候参加一个信息会议.

父 & 家庭 资源

点击这里 to 学习 more about Plymouth State’s parent & family resources.

Where do I find parking permits?

停车许可证可以通过电话或与大学警察在线购买. For incoming first year students parking for the school year is at the Ice Arena on our Holderness Campus.

What are the First-Year Residential Halls?

一年级学生住在包括日内瓦史密斯在内的八个宿舍楼中的一个, 格拉夫顿, 玛丽·里昂, 布莱尔, Pemigewasset and Belknap. 密切关注你的住房申请,查看住房分配的更新情况. More information here.

How do I access the WIFI?

For internet access on your phone or laptop you access through the network eduroam and the username is your full email and password being your myPlymouth password. 对于电视和其他设备,它们需要在接入网络之前进行注册. When you are on the website to register the devices, you click on the non-browsing devices and fill out the information. 对于非PSU人员,网络是PSU Open,可以在参观校园时使用.

Where should I park?

First-Year students park at the Ice Arena on Holderness Campus. There are shuttles that go to and from Ice Arena back onto Main Campus. NextBus是一个应用程序,可以下载来查看航天飞机的状态.

How do I get mail on campus?

Regular mail can be picked up in your 中心 suite box. To find your suite number please do the following:

  1. Log into myPlymouth
  2. Go to Services Tab
  3. Scroll to Personal Information
  4. 单击中心 Suite组合,将显示套件编号和组合(这不会改变)

To receive mail, send mail to the following address:

19 Highland Ave
Plymouth, NH 03264


  1. Mail Center will send you an email
  2. Pick up the package during Mail Center hours
  3. Tell them your suite number to pick up the package
  4. Hand over your ID to be scanned to show you picked up your package
What are the Meal Plans?

All first-year students, except unless other accommodations are made, have an unlimited meal plan plus $100 in FlexCash. Meal plans are in place when you move onto campus. Menus can be found on the DineOn app or on the website. Any questions you can email meal-plans@普利茅斯.edu.

For more information, please click this link.

How do I do my laundry on campus?

如果是校园洗衣,在你的个人设备上下载“速度皇后”应用程序,并创建一个帐户. Once an account is created then use the code PSULND to be able to reach the washers and dryers in your residential hall.

I need to submit a work order, how do I do that?


  1. Log into myPlymouth
  2. Go to Services Tab
  3. On the right-hand side look under Physical Plant Services
  4. Click on Student Work Order for Physical Plant
  5. Create an account
  6. Fill out the order (ex. Lights not working, curtain broke, shade missing, 等.)
  7. At the bottom of the form put in the submittal password panthers
I'm having a conflict with my roommate, what should I do?

请与你的社区顾问联系,讨论这个问题. 如有其他问题,请拨打大楼值班电话. Duty phone numbers are for student use only.

How do 家庭 sign up for emails from PSU?

父母, 家庭, and loved ones can sign up for email communications from Plymouth State by creating an account on our 父 Loop page. This account will keep you up-to-date on campus happenings as well as tips and tricks on how to support your student. Additionally, you can choose how often you hear from us! 请 点击这里 to create an account.

Do I have to complete Online Orientation if I attend June Orientation?

是的! Our orientation program consists of three important, 以及为你在ROR体育的学习做准备的不同步骤. All new students should complete online orientation in addition to attending June Orientation and Panther Days.

I am unable to access my PSU email account; what should I do?

If you cannot access your Plymouth State email, please contact the IT Help Desk at (603) 535-2929 for assistance.

Where can I find what classes are required for my major?

To find the classes required for each major, and the suggested order that you take them in, check out our course catalog by 点击这里.

Can my student change dorm rooms? Can they get a single? There are concerns with the roommate(s)

Residential Life strives to support conditions where students can live, 学习, 一起成长——但ROR体育官网知道不是所有的室友都是完美的伴侣.  We start each year with roommate agreements—a 2-part process involving a self-reflection about living expectations, 随后,在宿舍生活工作人员的协助下,与所有室友开会.  If a student is struggling with their roommate(s)/living situation, they can reach out to their Community Advisor (“CA”-student/peer staff) or Community Director (“CD”-professional staff).  The staff member will work with your student, facilitate a mediation, and assist should a change need to be made. 

经常, there may not be conflict in the room, but students will make friends and seek to live together elsewhere after they are assigned—or realize they just may want to live alone.  When this occurs, they have the option to move into an available space (we call this a vacancy) or add their names to the waitlist for a fully open room to move into.  这些表格都可以在住宅生活网站的“表格”一栏找到 & 政策.”

My student says there are limited options at Prospect 餐厅 Hall and has been purchasing food at off-campus locations, but we are paying for a meal plan. What are our options?

PSU餐饮承认,有时没有什么像家庭做饭和一些, the transition to college life can be difficult. ROR体育官网努力通过在所有用餐时间提供的食物质量和供应来缓解这一过渡. ROR体育官网真心希望所有的客人每次进门都能有一个愉快的用餐体验.

有超过7个车站可供选择,真的是每个人都可以享受的东西. Here is a list of our stations to review with your student:

  • FYUL:ROR体育官网的健康站,不含所有九种主要过敏原和麸质. All food is chef prepared at the station to avoid cross contamination.
  • Chef’s Table: Our Chef’s Table provides guests with daily, made-to-order options, breakfast all day, and now offers avoiding-gluten meal options.
  • Homestyle: Daily cuisine specials are offered from all over the world and includes vegan and vegetarian options.
  • 格栅:对于那些渴望美食的客人来说,他们可以找到新鲜的汉堡, 热狗, chicken tenders, 薯条, and daily specials such as a Cuban panini, Rueben sandwich, 或油炸玉米粉饼.  
  • Pizza and Pasta: This line offers two homemade pasta options, and all the fresh, handmade pizza you could want. (Avoiding-gluten options can be found on our FYUL line.)晚上,客人可以用各种配料和酱汁制作自己的意面.
  • Soup and Salad: Features two daily soup options, a sandwich making station (including a panini press), and a salad bar with fruit, 酸奶, an assortment of salad ingredients, 调味品, 和酱.
  • Dessert: Filled with baked-daily cookies, 布朗尼, 松饼, 糕点, 蛋糕, 和更多的, alongside our Gilford’s ice cream cooler.

In addition to all the above stations, Prospect 餐厅 Hall has many other features such as a hot sauce bar, 香料架, non-dairy milk alternatives, 百吉饼, 烤面包, & cereal station, and stive to add new features every semester.

We invite students and 家庭 that express concern over meal offerings to speak with a PSU 餐厅 manager and/or 阿曼达优美的, Director of 学生生活 and 餐厅 Services, to discuss options and how the dining team could accommodate.

My student has a food allergy or is Kosher/vegetarian/vegan. How will they be accommodated?

PSU 餐厅 is happy to accommodate guests that have specialized nutrition concerns including dietary restrictions, severe food allergies, 或者乳糜泻需要食物和服务避免过敏原交叉接触. A dedicated area at Prospect 餐厅 Hall called FYUL, our wellness station, is free of all nine major allergens and gluten.  此外,ROR体育官网的厨师台可以提供不含麸质的烧烤食物. We offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options at many of our stations daily and welcome guests to provide feedback for additional offerings.

PSU 餐厅 realizes how seriously food allergies, 特定的饮食限制和特殊的饮食可以影响ROR体育官网学生的校园体验的质量. Students can contact our 注册ed Dietitian Alyssa Fernandes at 阿莉莎 or request to speak to our Director of Residential Life & 餐厅 Services, 阿曼达优美的 to discuss any concerns or special dietary needs.

My student is struggling 学术ally. What can the university do to help?

你的学生应该联系弗罗斯特之家的学术学生倡导办公室. Based on the specific issues your student is facing, our Academic Student Advocate can offer advice and support, help your student communicate with 教师, 并促进与其他适当的校园支持服务的联系.  

My child is 压力ed out or having mental-health problems. Whom can be contacted?

如果您担心您的学生当前的安全或生命安全, call 911 or PSU Campus Police at 1-603-535-2330. 

If you are concerned about your student and would like to request that PSU staff possibly reach out to them and possibly refer them to support services, 你可以考虑在网上与霜之家(, or call the Frost House at 1-603-535-2206. 

If your student is in an emotional crisis they can call the PSU Counseling Center during business hours at 1-603-535-2461.  If they are in an emotional crisis after hours, they can call the NH Rapid Response/Lakes Region Mental Health Center at 1-833-710-6477 or 1-603-524-1100 (option 9), 拨打911, or go to Speare Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Room. 

如果你的学生对PSU的个人或团体咨询服务感兴趣, 你可以鼓励你的学生去PSU咨询中心,或者拨打1-603-535-2461.  PSU咨询中心的治疗服务有一个简短/短期的模式,并以目标为重点.  The PSU Counseling Center also provides consultation services to parents/guardians and can help suggest referrals to possible resources.  你和你的学生可以在他们的网站上了解更多关于PSU咨询中心的服务 http://campus.普利茅斯.edu/counseling/.  

你也可以建议你的学生下载和使用WellTrack应用程序的可能性, which is an interactive self-help therapy app.  该应用程序对所有PSU学生免费,只要他们使用PSU的邮箱登录即可.  The WellTrack app provides various self-help therapy tools.  The WellTrack app also provides referral information to various PSU and community resources for various challenges students might face (i.e. 学术, 金融, sexual violence, 上瘾, health and wellness, safety and security, community involvement/making connections, and career support).   


中心 – Hartman Union Building

d厅 – Prospect 餐厅 Hall

OL – Orientation Leader

CA – Community Advisor (Residential Hall Student Staff)

CD – Community Director (Residential Hall Professional Staff)

D&M ——德雷伯 & Maynard Academic Building

HHPC ——健康 & Human Performance Center